Axe handle testing.

Nothing like a dead standing Oak tree to test the fit and strength of a newly made Ash axe handle…

two axes in stump of felled Oak Tree. Monochrome Landscape. © P. Maton 2014

…both handles were hung and secured only with Oak wedges. Happily they both passed the test without fault.

The heads are an old 4lb Gilpin (or is it a Brades, I can’t remember now) and an unstamped Maine pattern double bit.

All the best.



Some of my work. (gallery)

I am busy writing new content to add to Whittle & Stitch so in the mean time I thought I’d post a couple of galleries of some the work I have done.


Spoons & bowls.

All items have been hand carved using axes, adzes, whittling knives and spoon knives. No sand paper has been used so the finish is smooth and durable while retaining the tactile faceted surface created by the tools that made them. Flax Seed Oil is used to seal and protect them during use so they age gracefully and beautifully over the years.


Tools for green wood workers, coppicing, bushcraft and outdoor enthusiasts with hand made wooden handles & leather cases.

The two axes here have traditional straight handles carved from Ash secured with Oak wedges. Careful attention is paid to the throw and alignment of the heads and the direction of the grain in the wood to ensure efficiency and durability during use.

The Finish style Puukko (knife) has a Masir Birch handle with a Lauri PT 95 blade . The sheath is hand dyed vegetable tanned leather with a Beech wood liner for safe and secure carriage.

There will be more to follow shortly.

Thank you for looking.