Welcome to Whittle & Stitch.

If you are looking for hand made bespoke leatherwork or carved wooden items for your home, for a unique gift or as part of a project you are working on? I can work with your ideas and requirements to produce the items you require.

Perhaps you are more interested in workshops or one-to-one tuition in basic green wood carving and leatherwork? I can help you develop new skills and hone your existing ones.

Here you will find examples of the work I do in my workshop in Brighton, courses I run, methods I use and the people whose work inspires me.

Bowl and Spoon Carving using axe and spoon knife Peter Maton 2014


Green Wood Carving (Whittling).

Much of my wood carving is done using simple hand tools and green wood (freshly cut) from sustainable local sources.

Once the stock wood as been sawn & split to size the initial shaping is generally done with carving axes and adzes on a carving horse. Once the basic form is achieved finer shaping is done with draw knives , whittling knives and curved ‘spoon’ knives. The piece is then set aside to season (dry out) before final finishing and sealing is done. All my culinary pieces are sealed with Organic Flax Seed Oil, tool hands and other items are sealed with Linseed Oil.

I tend to specialise in tool handles & treen (kitchenware etc.) although I have been exploring larger  projects of a more sculptural nature.


Bespoke Leather Craft.

Most of the leather work I do uses vegetable tanned leather that is either pre-dyed or dyed by myself depending on the clients requirements. The stitching is done by hand using traditional techniques and the edges are burnished smooth for long lasting durability.

I tend to specialise in tough durable cases for knives, axes, adzes, billhooks, drawknives and other hand tools. Belts, tool hanger loops, dog collars, leads etc. In addition I also make cases and caddies for e-cigarettes.

 Whittling, Leather Craft & Bushcraft Workshops.

I run whittling, bushcraft skills workshops & mentoring sessions with young people of all ages (pre-school to seventy) and abilities with over six years experience working with disadvantaged teenagers and young adults.

Whittling Workshop with Peter Maton Montage Coppice Week Ashdown Forest 2011


 Enquiries & Commissions.

If would like me to run skills workshops or you have any enquiries for commissions, please drop me a line. I am always interested in new and/or unusual projects.


All the best.


All images and content on this site are property of P.Maton unless otherwise stated, please seek written permission if you want to use them elsewhere. ©2014 P.Maton/Whittle&Stitch


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  1. My husband enjoys these types of crafts as well. I love wood carved stuff. I look forward to checking out more of your work!


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